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Member Task
  • - includes 9 experts with different professions : professors, attorneys, NGO members and more
  • - regular rating meeting (every Wednesday)
  • - discussing and voting for rating decision
Re-classification Advisory
  • - attending Re-classification Advisory meetings (within 15 days of objection occurring, case by case)
  • - discussing and advancing opinions for rating decision (re-discussion in the GRRB meeting)
Special Advisory Committee
for Technical Review
  • - functional test of OIDD (Operating Information Display Device), discrimination system of counterfeit money, in-depth technical review for analyzing internal programs, source, code, etc.
  • - advancing technical advice for rating decisions (by request of the rating board, case by case)
Game pre-examiner
  • - the examination of a game includes
  • - technical test and content analysis
  • - the presentation of a game
  • - surveying and researching about rating classification
GRAC Bureau Rating Policy Service
  • - enhancing predictability for rating results and industry trends by issuing annual report
  • - surveying and researching about game law and policy matters
  • - arranging regular meetings about longstanding matters for industry, association and press
  • - promoting a public advertising campaign
GRAC Bureau Rating meeting Management Service
  • - managing 'the Customer Service Center'
  • - answering questions about rating service, receiving game materials for rating, issue rating certificates
  • - supporting and managing rating board meeting schedule
GRAC Bureau Rating Observance Service
  • - supervising rating observance after making a rating (checking illegal alteration of game material and receiving reports of the damage of users on playing games, intensive control in cooperation with police)
  • - managing 'the Office of Legal Affairs'
GRAC Bureau General Management Service
  • - managing 'the Integrated Classification Review Information System'
  • - Office of Budget and Accounts
Illegal Game Watchdog
  • - analyzing illegal modification and alteration
  • - supporting police crackdowns of illegal games (analyzing technical matters and confirming illegal alterations, etc)
Online Game
Monitoring Center
  • - watching rating observation of online games
  • - served monitoring of non-rating games and illegal games